While on a family vacation on an island in southern Greece I was asked to shoot a wedding for a young couple tying the knot right there on the beach. The photog they hired decided he was no longer interested and they were left without a shooter for the event. What sort of wedding photographer pulls out the day before the ceremony? Regardless, it was made known to them that I was a somewhat capable photographer and so I was asked to assume duties for the day. My interest level was a little offset by the fact that I managed to get severally burnt the day before. An ambitious Irishman never passes up the opportunity to spend an entire day in the sun with little to no UV protection on. I paid for my sins that evening when the rawness set in and I could barely move. Sleep, shade and aftersun was all I wanted, none of which this day was going to afford me!

Now on this particular journey I decided against bringing my pro-dslr. I wasn't sure about the security situation in our accommodation and didn't want to risk it going missing, leaving me unable to work when I got back home. Lucky for me, the grooms close friend had a DSLR he was willing to lend me for the day. Unlucky for me, it was a Canon 550D, an 18-55mm kit lens who's auto focus motor was thrashed thanks to it being recently dropped while the Peter,the owners, was wandering around Greenland. Manual focus, flat lens, no lighting gear, great start!

What follows is the days events and a trial by fire for any budding wedding photographer. It was a rough ride but what's done is done!