Off Track: BMW M5

A few months ago we took my friend's M5 out for a few photos. It was a really unique job and an area which I had never engaged with before, this made it even more exciting and less nerve racking as there is no expectation to deliver on. For inspiration I got in touch with my favorite car photographer Linhbergh and asked for some tips on what to do. His advice was to keep it simple, let the construction and beauty of the vehicle speak for itself. Following that, I browsed some handbooks for BMW and Audi and when we got the right weather we got it the job done. 


Contending with burning bright sunlight, metal mirror reflections and even some technical issues all made this a really unique job to carry out. There were a lot of oddities that I hadn't considered before work began but having learned from those issues I know my next outing will take things a step further in achieving that catalog look we all love. 


If you have an interesting car, particularly something with a clean interior, please feel free to get in touch as I'd love to get another run at this kind of work.