Below are a few shots from the last 2 weeks. Some are negative scans, some are scans of prints and the last few are digital, shot using the Fuji x100s.


So yeah, the fastest way to proficiency is practical application, for me at least. Accepting that there's going to be more error in my efforts isn't an issue, but ensuring that I get out there and actually make those mistakes is more important than any monetary loss or reservation that may occur in the process. Film costs, between the negatives themselves, getting them processed and darkroom developing when the time comes are going to be something I have to accept, and it's more important than ever to not let the inconvenience of it all slow down the learning curve. Otherwise I'll simply have replaced an expensive digital paperweight with an analog one. 


 The first shot in this list is really significant for me. When the negatives came back I stopped on this one for a while. The quality is amazing. Very dynamic, loads of details in shadows and highlights, impressive sharpness and an awesome neutral tone thanks to the Portra 160 film I had loaded. It also proved to myself that my fear is receding a little bit and I'm not afraid to get in someones face if I see a photo worth taking. I quite like the context and the expression here too. 

The pride parade photo was from yesterday afternoon. We were on our way up shop street when the entourage came bustling down the middle aisle! There were photographers everywhere running around like headless chickens trying to keep up with the march. I had 5 frames left on that roll and wanted something of significance. I spotted the Rainbow gift and souvenir shop across the ramp and thought what better a backdrop for continuity and context. I used pretty much everything I had left in this one frame and several were ruined with passers by and too much bustle in the foreground but then I landed on this. The flag just dropped out of the way of the sign, and the lone figure of that portion of the parade threw me a glance as she lead her friends to the latin quarter. I can see there's dust on this film so i'll scan it another time without it.

Slightly front focussed and so not as sharp as I wish it was,(the lens is going to engineers soon for tweaking anyway). But the elements are there and it's largely derived from a talk I listened to recently about the importance of continuity and context of photographic elements and making things fit. Happy with that! 


"Oh please / Let it rain today / This city is so filthy / Like my mind in ways" 

Pearl Jam - Wash