Anybody remember when the hot weather started? According to this batch it was somewhere in and around the 6th of June. Glorious as it's become nobody could have predicted such a summer given our history of grim and grey.

Alas our climate is subject to more abrupt fluctuations than Oprah's waistline and Mr.Fedrizzi wasn't going to sit on his laurels and assume we could pull it off the following weekend.. This weather and the unique light it brings would, in our minds, last no more than a few evenings at best. With that, storyboards were finalized, outfits procured and the team was assembled to get it done. An Americana campaign with an abandoned Route 66 vibe that could only work in hard sunlight and hotpants...on the model...not me...these pins aren't what they used to be kids.

It was fairly apparent from the starting line what Peter wanted to capture here, given the clothing, makeup palette and choice of model. Moving out of the comforts of a studio he commands with an elegant signature, I get a cheeky kick from observing the methods he employs when finding his feet to adapt to location scenes and settings. Obviously, the man has little to no trouble in this department, quite the contrary, as he seemed energetic and zoned for what turned into a 5 hour shoot across 5-6 locations if I remember correctly.

The highlight of this shoot from my assistant perspective had to be in getting a chance to work alongside Simona Va, our model for the evening. Simona and Peter have collaborated in the past, cranking out some of my favorite shots he's produced so far, but I wasn't present. If I recall, my friend Maidhc and I had an appointment with a bottle of rum at 3am the night before and the rest is history. I had assumed, for failure to ask, that Simona was a Polish or Lithuanian model up from Dublin or elsewhere for a day trip. As the seemingly minuscule scale in Irish social lives would have it, she spent most of her formative years in the same town as me, and attended the school across the road. Small world indeed. Beautiful and endearing, Simona has the natural ability of a pro, and remained humble and hardworking from start to finish, while probably lacking in any sense of her own charismatic semblance. I could probably learn a thing or two from those characteristics. But I won't, ha.

What followed was an energetic and seemingly effortless combination of each talent on set and the crew left satisfied and excited by the day's exploits. Peter has recently posted a handful of these shots to his blog so if you're nosey enough to check it out, click the link below or the photo on the end of the page.

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Peter's photo blog:  http://peterfedrizzi.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/simona/

Peter's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peterfedrizziphotography?fref=ts


Simona by Peter Fedrizzi

Simona by Peter Fedrizzi