Inkfingers Update

We recently smashed out some detail shots of a few clients who've been tattooed at Inkfingers Custom Tattoo Studio here in Galway City. The aim is to furnish the new website they are preparing to launch, the preview I've seen looks amazing so keep your eyes fixed to their facebook! Anyroad, I've been given express permission to post a couple of of the larger shots here to show folks how it went, we'll save the detail shots of the actual inkwork for the site launch. If you've been tattooed by any of the resident artists over there then look out for one more shoot day coming up in the next few weeks. We'll try and make it an accessible day for all to attend and sure you'll be made semi-famous and have a pretty photo to show people when you get old and awesome! :)


Thanks to the amazing staff at Inkfingers for always making me feel welcome and providing a platform for me to get some cool shots in the process!