It's Over, It's Done

I fucking hate video. Admittedly I'm overly pedantic about the nitty gritty in anything I put out (except for that...) and I reckon video is the one form of digital media that grinds my gears due to a mixture of technical issues I encounter and lack of instant resolution for what would appear to be entry level tasks. With that said, we're told it's important for all creative folk to get out of our comfort zone, lose sleep, weight, friends and self respect, in order to get stuff done and learn new shit. Right? Right??? : /

Ollie from Westport Battlebells is great for putting videos up to help people see what it is he's doing and to share training records and personal bests. Seeing as his business is taking off nicely we thought it would be pretty nifty to have an intro clip for his video work so people are aware of who they're watching. Also, it creates a familiar presentation to regular viewers and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in starting a YouTube channel! 


I began work on it a few nights ago and have stayed up well beyond my bedtime to get it done. Hope you like it, but i don't care if you don't! Ah no I'm joking, please like it....please.... 


Programs Used: 3DSMAX,After Effects,Adobe Premier,Photoshop