All Chalk, No Cheese

Heavy Fucking Metal. I reckon, as a prefix to the kind of lifestyle Ollie Quinn has pursued, is probably a fairly accurate turn of phrase. What began as barbells and dumbells for teenage bodybuilding and boxing, became assault rifles and bayonets for his life as a Royal Marine Commando, and now he takes pleasure in training a hardstyle of kettlebells with his personal training company, Westport Battlebells. His business is like no other and has a strong no frills focus on achieving your personal best with minimum fuss. Turn up ready to make changes to your body and mind and there is no limit to where you can take your training. Something I've noticed about BattleBells over the many other personal training companies I've encountered is that Ollie believes there is absolutely no minimum requirement to recognize and achieve great things with this universal training system. Men and Women, young and old can established and build upon strength and fitness they never knew they had.

In order to fully understand this 300 year old soviet method of strength training, Ollie participated in many classes and courses centralized around advancing his knowledge in order to give professional tuition of the highest standard. His main credential in this field is with a company called StrongFirst, one of, if not THE most notable family of kettlebell instructors currently operating today. StrongFirst specialize in making people stronger by making them move better, they view strength as a skill. They don't workout , they practice and they use kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight with perfect technique and total body tension to construct and maintain power and strength that is purpose built for living strong.

The reason I'm happy to plug and promote not only Westport Battlebells, but StrongFirst too, is because I believe in what they are practicing. The spirit and vision Ollie shares with his fellow instructors is the purest form of personal training there is. He's also my friend and someone who's resolve and conviction comes from a life lived strong and with a smile, a lesson for everyone, even for those who don't or at least haven't yet begun to train. There's no boasting or showboating likely to take place and once a goal has been set, it's pursued until it's achieved, likely to a soundtrack of Slayer and The Prodigy. 

In terms of photography on this project, we worked very fast. From start to finish this was probably the quickest pace I've had in a shoot. I wanted to reflect the integrity of this lifestyle with a new minimal method of my own photographic skills. So gone are the bottles of fake tan and baby oil, replaced instead by chalk and cannonballs with handles! It was raining again, typical, so we were somewhat limited for space but we hammered it out and yielded some great results! Ollie repeated lifts for me with no complaint, even performing several Turkish Getups with a 48kg kettlebell with a smile on his face!

When the Battlebells facebook page peaked 300 likes last week he promised the page fans a clip to celebrate, so he posted this video of himself performing 300 snatches with a 32kg kettlebell. The results of which are seen in the palms of his hands photographed below. Now the page has reached over 2500 fans, I'm sure people are gunning to see how high he's going to raise his bar. Feel free to contact Ollie using the methods listed on his facebook for any information about the many classes he's running in Westport. Beginners and advanced students are welcome and there's a women's only class specially designed to introduce those who are curious to see what all the fuss is about! 


Thanks for looking and expect more from us over the coming months!