Expansion Pack

In an effort to expand my fairly linear "portfolio", when in reality I really don't have one, it was expected that I'd have to face mans biggest fear at some stage. Women. For all of my complaining about the meat bound bodybuilders I tend to roll with, I'm still more comfortable with muscle and metal than I am with models and makeup. So with that in mind, and the echo of advice from one of my closest friends still resonating in my mind, it's time to push through your comfort zone and get stressed to progress! 

I was contacted separately for both jobs, but as irony would have it the assignments were both destined for the same purpose, as entries into the Irish L'Oréal Colour Trophy Awards. Pressure, but with a years tutelage under Peter Fedrizzi I had some guidelines and experience to support the process, even though Peter professes a no rules, no right or wrong attitude to his craft. 

The chief principle that made this work different to anything I have done before lay with my complete inability to perform any post process. The integrity of the hair color, tone and dynamic had to be maintained, and so my trust had to lay in my Canon 5Dmk2 to produce the colors and contrast for me!  Some minor retouching and they're off to the judges desk! I learned a lot about my equipment and method in a very short time and I'm pretty excited to get more involved with this side of photography. Both shots were approached differently as they were different styles that needed a unique finish. I'm happy with my first attempts at beauty portraiture for hair and will step up to the plate again soon! 

Biggest thanks and praise to the creative teams from both sessions! The team dynamic is the most crucial part of the entire process and every one of us plays an equally important part in bringing an image together, not just the photographer!  So thank you to Toni&Guy in Galway, and Petals in Westport for the unique opportunity to be involved in their competition entries and I wish you both the very best of luck.

Thanks for looking! 



        Model: Cora Linnane  / MUA: Nadine O'Loughlin / Hairstylist: Leanne Dever