Fedrizzi: 26/MAY/2013

Measuring and adapting to the stress levels of your boss is really important. It allows you to calculate the level of slackness your safe to apply with regards your role designation in the team. I myself have become a master of appearing busy while maintaining a low and frankly embarrassing level of output in almost any field of employ that I've banked. However, with that said, I pride myself on an exhaustive application of focus and effort when I've come to be involved in any project, company or outing that I feel represents the same level of integrity that I maintain in a communal affair. So, working alongside Peter and the team, a group that respects and applies attention to detail at an industry standard in the upper echelon, makes me feel right at home. Not least when I'm sprawled on a dusty concrete floor clutching props and reflectors at the feet of a cardiac arrest inducing model while trying not to break a sweat.

Here we have a fairly sparse selection of backstage shots from a weekend session with Peter Fedrizzi, Patricia, Madgalena and our model for the day Karolina. I would have had more, or at least a broader selection to help visualize the entire production but it was non-stop from the offset and my camera had to take a backseat while construction and articulation of the various setups went from proposal to application.

I know I insist on shooting and recounting these scenes and that their relevance is probably low given the impractical subject matter to what most of my immediate friends may find interesting, but I genuinely do it for myself. In 20 years time I will undoubtedly regret a dodgy haircut, bad shirt, poor food choices and four years of accumulated game time in World of Warcraft, but I'll never flinch at lengthy days spent taking and processing photographs. I get way too much from even the most mundane of images to procrastinate the supposed merits in "productive" alternatives to what I consider to be my time well spent.

Thanks for looking.