Conor Small

I thought i'd share a couple of shots from a brief session I had with my mate Conor Small the other day. He competed in the Novice class at the RIBBF on Sunday the 14th of April and we agreed to get a few shots following the event. Conor himself felt as though he needed another couple of weeks on the diet to bring his best package to the table. Despite this he still placed 4th in a very tough class and knows more about his body and diet system should he return to stage down the line. 

Photographic  issues abound, a few constraints were against me on this one. Primarily having to go to work in the afternoon (yes,I have a full time job) and the time restriction that brings. Also trying to utilize a full setup and not disturb a crowded afternoon time slot in Galway City Gym. I truly love shooting there, even through the very low light and tight avenues to shoot from don't make it easy it always forces me to think. I particularly hate the feeling of being in the way of the men and women who are trying to get through their workout. They pay a membership and shouldn't have to tolerate me and my extravagant setup getting in the way of international chest and biceps day. 

So I crammed my awkward set into a corner in order to get one or two posed fitness shots. I had a few regrets before I even started, mainly that I hadn't organized an out of hours shoot with Conor. I really wanted to shoot him on the leg extension or in squat rack but maybe next time. As usual a big thanks to Galway City Gym for use of the facilities and space, without their consent it would leave many media outlets and photographers stuck for an interesting and appropriate location to shoot.